Om mamma frågar så har jag haft dom jättelänge.


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Training my clumsy ninja (by the way, best game ever made for iPhone). He wants to eat the fruit but I told him that he cantaloupe

Inget sweater weather här inte! (på/i cupertino, california)

Jan 6th 2014.

  • Age: 19 years
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Weight: 71kg

In the best fucking shape of my life. I feel good, I feel strong and I feel confident.





In the continuing map wars, it turns out Americans don’t know anything about Europe. 

i love my country

After that US map went around (which, by the way, I would have ACED) I gave my US friends a map of the UK and NOT ONE could tell me where London is. So… YAH. The wars continue.

personal favourite: the one that simultaneously believes the entire British landmass is England and Scotland is basically Orkney, and that Euro Disney is itS OWN COUNTRY

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